How to Make a DIY Rainbow Tassel Garland Made With Embroidery Floss

DIY Rainbow Tassel Garland Made With Embroidery Floss

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Tassels are amazing for a whole bunch of uses (jewelry, home decor, and embellishments to name a few), and one of the CUTEST types?  Mini tassels made out of embroidery floss!  I’m hooked.

What could possibly make a tiny tassel even better? Make multiples and turn it into a garland… a RAINBOW GARLAND!

You got it.

Here’s how to make the cutest DIY rainbow tassel garland using embroidery thread. You’re going to LOVE it!

How to Make a DIY Rainbow Tassel Garland Made With Embroidery Floss

How to Make a DIY Rainbow Tassel Garland with Embroidery Floss

MINI TASSEL PRO TIP: This rainbow garland is going to be made up of mini embroidery floss tassels. The tassels are made using the super fast and easy method I outlined in detail in this mini tassel tutorial. For step-by-step instructions with photos on how to make a mini embroidery floss tassel, that post will show you how.

Rainbow colored embroidery floss

Step 1: Gather supplies.

Step 2: Cut garland string or twine to desired length.

Better to have it be too long than too short. Try something like 5 feet, if you are unsure.

Supplies needed to mini tassels in rainbow colors

Step 3: Make mini tassels using each color of your chosen rainbow.

Use the tutorial showing you how to make DIY mini tassels with embroidery floss and one by one, make a mini tassel using each of your chosen colors of embroidery thread.

They will be added to your garland string in order, as you are making them.

Rainbow garland with tiny tassels

Step 4: Continue until all colors are used up.

Garland of rainbow colors

Step 5. Trim up any uneven edges from tassels.

Once you’re finished, shake all of the tassels one by one and double check to make sure there aren’t any long pieces that need trimming.

Make sure everything is even and pretty.

Tassel garland with embroidery thread

Step 6. Display your rainbow garland!

You’re done! It’s as simple as that!

Tie loops onto the ends of your garland string or twine, and hang it up!

embroidery floss tassel garland

My favorite way to hang embroidery floss garlands is with Command hooks.

The garlands are so light, you can use the Command hooks designed for Christmas lights which are small and cheap.

rainbow tassel garland

If you’ve ever stood in the embroidery floss aisle in a store like JoAnn Fabrics, you know how many embroidery thread color options there are for pretty much every color of the rainbow.

You could make one heck of a garland with all of the options in the store!

rainbow garland decoration

I can think of a ton of places to use a garland like this.

It would look so fun in a kid’s room, or a play room. It would work great at a birthday party or summer picnic. It could even be used in a school classroom or homeschool room to keep things colorful and fun.

diy rainbow tassels

Using the super easy and fast method for making mini embroidery floss tassels, you can whip up a rainbow embroidery floss garland in one kiddo-nap-time (or less!)

How to Make a DIY Rainbow Tassel Garland Made With Embroidery Floss

Learn how to make a DIY rainbow tassel garland using embroidery floss in this easy tutorial! It is quick, simple, and looks great in a kid\'s room or as fun birthday party decor! #rainbow #tassels #garland

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