Weddings + Meditation | Gratitude Friday – V.13

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This week, I’m grateful for:


1. Kiley + Will’s Wedding Day

Last weekend, I photographed Kiley + Will’s wedding day at the Northland Arboretum. It was my first time shooting a wedding ceremony there, and I LOVED it. I’ve photographed a reception there before, as well as multiple family sessions, but never a wedding ceremony.

There will be a blog post of their wedding coming in the next month, so stay tuned. I can’t wait to share!

[Photo below is from Lum Park; another hidden gem we used for photos on the day of.]

Laura Radniecki | Brainerd, MN Wedding Photographer

2. Picture-Perfect Summer Weather

The weather couldn’t possibly get any better than it has been lately. Sunny, 75-80 degrees, low humidity… I’ll take this every day of the year, please.


3. My iPad

Matt and I have watched movies and shows on Netflix for years. But I just recently started watching a new show called The Glades on Netflix, on my iPad. My book-reading has slowed down since I discovered this show.

The best/worst feature of Netflix TV shows? That the next episode automatically plays after a few seconds of the previous one ending… If I’m going to stop watching, I have to hurry up and close it before the new one starts or else I’m hooked for another 45 minutes!


4. The 21-day Meditation Series by Oprah and Deepak Chopra — [click here for more info]

I joined in on one earlier this year, in April. I faithfully followed along and meditated every day of the 21 day series. I loved the structure and routine it added into my mornings and the impact it had on my days.

When it ended though, my meditation habit fell by the wayside. I am not experienced or disciplined enough yet to do self-led meditation. That’s why these are so great because they walk you through it. All you do is click “Play”.

They just started another one early this week; today is Day 5. Once again, I love the structure it’s added to my days. I’m thinking about buying a DVD set so I can play them every morning until I become experienced enough to lead myself in daily meditation.

Have you tried meditation before?

– – –

What are you grateful for this week?

Enjoy your weekend!



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