A Guide to Planning Your Dream Wedding

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Last winter, I wrote a blog series with six tips for planning your wedding.

With wedding season quickly approaching and people getting engaged, I wanted to revisit those posts in the event that they might help some newly engaged couples begin to plan their dream wedding!

Planning Your Wedding: Part 1 – Picking Your Wedding Date

This post discusses tips for choosing your perfect wedding date and things you should consider when comparing different date and season options.

WeddingPlanning_PickingYourDate_1 by Blogger and Photographer LauraRadniecki

Planning Your Wedding: Part 2 – The Wedding Budget

This post discusses one of the toughest parts about wedding planning. How to determine your wedding budget and how to figure out where those precious dollars should be spent.

Wedding Planning, Your Wedding Budget by Minnesota wedding photographer LauraRadniecki

Planning Your Wedding: Part 3 – Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Arguably one of the most important decisions you will make in the course of your wedding planning, this post walks you through considering wedding photographer options and how to choose the perfect photographer for you!

WeddingPlanning_Choosing Your Wedding Photographer_3_ by Minnesota Wedding Photographer LauraRadniecki

Planning Your Wedding: Part 4 – Consider the Power of Videography

This post talks about an often overlooked aspect of the wedding day. The incredible power of videography is visited and explored.

Wedding Planning_ Wedding Videography_4_ by Minnesota Wedding Photographer LauraRadniecki

Planning Your Wedding: Part 5 – Choosing Your Other Wedding Vendors

This post touches on the other time-sensitive vendors that you might need to book, and offers suggestions on where to find quality recommendations.

Wedding Planning_Wedding Vendors_5_ by Minnesota Wedding Photographer LauraRadniecki

Planning Your Wedding: Part 6 – To First Look or Not To First Look

This post talks about an important topic relating to wedding photography, and discusses the new tradition of doing a First Look as opposed to waiting for the walk down to aisle to see each other.

Wedding Planning_ First Look_6_ by Wedding Photographer LauraRadniecki

Wedding planning is a very big, complicated task.

There is excitement, emotions, tons of decisions to be made and it’s own share of stresses that creep in and try to steal some of your pre-wedding bliss.

I hope this wedding planning guide can help as you start your wedding planning journey. Take advantage of the resources that are out there as well. There are books, magazines and tons of online resources available to you that can offer information, insight and inspiration as you plan your dream wedding.

Happy Planning!

You can see Laura’s celebratory wedding photography here.

3 thoughts on “A Guide to Planning Your Dream Wedding

  1. I think you covered some great topics here! What a great resource for others! For us we decided to do the revealing before. That allowed us to take family pictures and wedding party pictures before hand. So afterwards we only spend about 20 minutes on pictures before heading to the reception. We enjoyed doing it that way so we got to see everyone and they did not have to wait long.

    • Hi Cassie!

      YES, I love that you guys chose to do a First Look too! So did Matt and I.
      As both a bride and a wedding photographer, I just think it’s one of the best decisions a couple can do! I will never force anyone to do it, but I do LOVE when they want to do it! 🙂

      Thanks for reading through all of the info!

      xo! Laura

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