Photography Tip- Using Props

Using Props | Photography Tip

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This week’s photography tip has to do with using props in your photos.

Photography Tip- Using Props

Different people have different opinions when it comes to props, and that’s completely fine!

I am just sharing with you my opinion; feel free to take it or leave it!

I am all for props… when there is a specific reason for you wanting to include that prop in your photo.

Props for the mere sake of props, I would rather focus instead on the people in my photos.

Take these following photos for example:

This a great diptych of photos, right?

She is gorgeous, the guitar looks sweet. Ok, great.

But what if she had no idea how to play the guitar, and that guitar was actually mine that I brought from home?

You would wonder, why does she want a photo with a guitar in it if she doesn’t play? Right?

In truth, this guitar was Kyria’s mom’s guitar, and now Kyria is learning how to play it. It’s a meaningful piece of history to her, and one of her most cherished possessions.

So does it enhance the photo by having that guitar in it? Heck yes, it does!

This next photo – daddy and son in jerseys with a football. So cute, right? Why the jerseys and the football?

The reason they incorporated the jerseys and the football into these photos is because it was while at Moorehead State that Casey was playing college and Jenni was a football cheerleader, and this is how they met. Football is a huge part of their life and their story, and they wanted to incorporate that into their session.

And I’d say it is a safe bet that their little boy is going to be a football player when he grows up too.

Meaningful props, and they no doubt add to the photos.


Sometimes, props don’t have to mean anything, and can just add a little fun to the photos. Like in these next few examples.

There’s nothing super important about a sucker and bubbles, but they add some fun and flair to the images.

So what do I want you to take away from this tip? That depends. If you love props, great! Use them.

But I encourage you to think of WHY you are using those props.

Do they add to your image? Do they help you tell a story? Are they meaningful to you, your subject, and the story you are trying to tell?

If not, I’d be so bold as to say, you might not need those props.

Photography Tip- Using Props

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