An Update – 28 Things Before I Turn 29 Bucket List

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Before I turned 28 last December, I made a list of 28 things that I wanted to accomplish before my next birthday.

I’ve been checking in weekly to see how I’ve been doing on my Bucket List, and to keep the goals in the forefront of my mind.

Today, I want to do an accountability check.

Here is the list of my 28 Things that I want to do before I turn 29:

1. Read my new devotional daily throughout 2014.   – In Progress! I read this devotional every morning.
2. Make freezer meals from Pinterest.
3. Learn to sew.   – DONE! I spent much of December sewing gifts for family and friends for Christmas, as well as gifts for my wedding clients. I’ll share more of my projects soon.
4. Finish three DIY projects: lamp, book page wreath and pillow covers.   – The book page wreath and pillow covers are DONE! 
5. Photograph 10 more ladies for The Pink Beauty Experience.
6. Go camping with Matt and Remy.
7. Rent mountain bikes and ride the Cuyuna Trails.
8. Write a Love Your Camera E-book.
9. Buy a fire pit or build one at our house, and have a bonfire.
10. Visit the southern MN petroglyphs.
11. Create a video from the clips I shot, for Love Nourished.
12. Photograph my parents.
13. Finish our leftover tasks from Financial Peace University.
14. Plan Quarterly dinners each with the Hensels and Millers at our house.
15. Walk the beach along the Gulf, in Florida.   – DONE! We went to Florida over Christmas and we walked the beach many times during our visit.
16. Go ice fishing.
17. Become an aunt!
18. Go out to dinner in Florida to celebrate 6 years of marriage with Matt.   – DONE! We actually went to dinner in MN, but still celebrated our anniversary together.
19. Revamp this blog with the help of Typeset Design. Create a space where all avenues of my personal/professional/creative endeavors can coexist.   – DONE! And I LOVE everything about it!
20. Read 8 business books.   – Working on it! I’ve read 3 so far.
21. Read 40 fun books.   – Working on it! I’ve read 13 so far.
22. Make a book of photos from 2013, aka Remy’s first year. Save photos so that I can make one for 2014 too.     – DONE! I blogged about our 2013 book here.
23. Be photographed along with Matt, while I wear my wedding dress again.
24. Print a canvas or two for our walls.   – DONE! I ordered a huge canvas from one of the photos of Matt and I from Florida.
25. Watch movies in bed/read in bed for one whole day.
26. Make a habit of yoga and meditation. Do each 2 times per week.
27. Host another Love Your Camera workshop.   – DONE! I hosted the 5th ever Love Your Camera workshop in my home on 3.30.14 and blogged about it here.
28. Help Matt breathe life into his dream project. Details to come when the time is right.   – DONE! We launched Tantalus Cycling and received 75% of our funding goal through our Indiegogo campaign. The next phase awaits!

So far, I’ve accomplished 8 of my 28 Bucket List goals, with several others in progress or very near completion. 2014 has been a great year so far!

Did you set goals for yourself in 2014? How are you doing on your goals? Let me help keep you accountable!

Daddy Long Leg Spider by Laura Radniecki

P.S. Spring is here! Soon, we’ll see green like this outside our windows! 


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