The Polar Bear Plunge 2012 – Brainerd, MN Photography

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Everyone in Minnesota knows was a the Polar Bear Plunge is.

The plunge isn’t just a Minnesota thing; it’s done in many northern states, and it is well known across the entire country. It’s a widely publicized event where people jump into a hole cut into a frozen lake, usually for some type of charity or fundraising event.
Until this year, I had never seen anyone do the plunge. Matt came home from work last month and said he signed up on the Ascensus team to do the plunge. This is the guy who hates the cold and winter as much as I do – he is going to jump through a hole cut into the ice, into nearly freezing water.
To add excitement to the mix, our friend Laura from Texas was visiting during the plunge, so we were able to show her how crazy Minnesotans can really be!
The local plunge was held at Breezy Point Resort and had a reported 370 jumpers this year. They had more jumpers and raised more money than the previous year, and all the proceeds go to the Special Olympics.
I stood in my boots, parka, mittens and hat and watched enthusiastic and brave people plunge into the frigid waters. I got cold just watching. I can safely say I will never volunteer to be a plunger [I’m convinced I’d never recover from the shock of the cold water] but I loved the experience of being a spectater. And I’m impressed and thankful that 370 people were brave enough to take the plunge!

LKR_6530LKR_6529LKR_6533LKR_6543LKR_6546Matt’s group from Ascensus choose a “Where’s Waldo” theme for their costumes. They look ready to jump, no? LKR_6550LKR_6568LKR_6571LKR_6574LKR_6577LKR_6582LKR_6584LKR_6586LKR_6588LKR_6591LKR_6598Matt getting ready to take the big plunge! LKR_6601LKR_6603LKR_6607LKR_6608LKR_6609After jumping, they had a hot tub set up for a quick hot soak. LKR_6639LKR_6653
What an experience! It drew a large crowd of spectators and helped to raise awareness for a great cause. Worth the chill!

3 thoughts on “The Polar Bear Plunge 2012 – Brainerd, MN Photography

  1. Jess – yes, the costumes are so much fun to see! Some people are really creative!

    Jen – He sure is amazing! MUCH more adventurous than me. I am content to watch from the sidelines and photograph! 🙂

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