The Brainerd High School Triathlon – 2013 Edition

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In honor of my brother-in-law Tyler graduating from high school tonight, I thought I’d post photos from his high school triathlon which was on a Saturday, a few weeks back.

The triathlon is offered as a class at the high school and they meet daily for a semester, prepping and training for the race. Lots of these kids don’t know how to swim laps before joining the triathlon class, so it’s really amazing to watch the transformation and see the improvements they make.

It was a cold and gloomy day, but the rain held off for the most part which was awesome for all the spectators. The triathletes were covered in mud after the bike ride, just dirt from head to toe. I’m sure they’ll remember that forever!

Matt would love Tyler to join him in his triathlon obsession, but Tyler vows not to do another triathlon ever. We’ll see about that… 🙂

LKR_6487LKR_6508LKR_6512LKR_6515LKR_6523LKR_6547LKR_6555LKR_6590LKR_6592LKR_6596LKR_6613LKR_6619LKR_6623LKR_6628This was the winner. He almost won last year but passed out due to heat exhaustion. This year, he trained and raced carefully and won! It was emotional even for me to watch and I don’t know him! LKR_6632LKR_6639LKR_6643LKR_6652LKR_6656LKR_6668LKR_6703LKR_6707Congratulations, Tyler and all of the other triathletes! It’s a great accomplishment.

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