Video Post- Don't Let Fear Kill Your Dreams

Don’t Let Fear Kill Your Dreams – A Video Blog

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Love and Fear – the two main emotions that all others stem from.

I heard Oprah say this during meditation, and I started thinking about it. At first, that seems too simple. ALL the emotions we feel and those are the two roots they are all tied to?

Think about it though. Anxiety, anger, feeling uneasy, embarrassed… they are all based in fear. Fear of what’s to come, fear of bad things happening, fear of feeling stupid, or your reputation being affected?

Excitement, contentment, peace – all rooted in Love.

Video Post- Don't Let Fear Kill Your Dreams

Today, I’ve got a video for you that talks about FEAR.

There are lots of different types of fear and all of them are very real. Even some that are seemingly irrational fears are still very real to the people who feel them.

Fear isn’t always rational and it’s never merciful.

When you’re talking about business, taking risks, trying new things and stepping out into the unknown, fear can become a BIG part of the day to day life of an entrepreneur.

Some entrepreneurs maybe don’t feel the fear. Some maybe even thrive on it.

I am an entrepreneur, but I’m also an introvert, and an emotional, sensitive person by nature. That means that I do not thrive on fear.

I feel fear very thoroughly and often, and there are a lot of times I find myself holding back because I’m afraid of what might happen.

Fear doesn’t deserve that type of power though. Not over me, and not over you.

Take a look at today’s video:

I’m FULLY aware that this is all so much easier said than done.

Trust me, I know it to my core.

But allowing us permission to feel our fear, acknowledge it, and then consciously move past it one of the greatest personal and businesses gifts we could give ourselves.

Today, let’s challenge ourselves to steal back some of the power fear holds over us. I’m doing it alongside you.

Tell me: are you able to turn fear into a driving force in your life, or do you struggle with overcoming it?

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*If you know someone who needs to hear this message, pass it on. Fear holds TOO MANY of us hostage, and it’s time we fought to break loose.*

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