Photography Tip- Set a Personal Photo Challenge

Set a Personal Photo Challenge | Photography Tip

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For today’s tip, I want to issue you a photo challenge.

Photography Tip- Set a Personal Photo Challenge

When you start to photograph a lot, you might find that you naturally fall into a rhythm of sorts. Maybe you use a certain lens more than the rest. Maybe you like a certain aperture, and you don’t stray far from that. Maybe you see the world in a vertical orientation – every time you go to take a photo, you lean toward holding your camera vertically and a lot of your photos look like that.

I want you to challenge yourself:

Do something different.

For one day. For one hour.

Go on a walk and do something different.

If you usually shoot vertically, challenge yourself to only shoot horizontally. If you find yourself wanting to take a vertical photo, don’t. Make yourself find a way to frame the shot horizontally.

If you always shoot horizontally, challenge yourself to only shoot vertically.

Do something different.

This forces you to change your perspective, and to step outside of your box.

I guarantee you that you will grow and learn something as a result.

Ready? Let’s try it!

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