Rohana and Brandon | Crosslake, MN Wedding Photography by Laura Radniecki

Rohana + Brandon | Crosslake MN Wedding Photography

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The story of how Rohana and Brandon met is one they will tell their children and grandchildren for decades.

It involved Rohana being locked out of her house in the middle of a frigid Minnesota winter, and Brandon [a policeman] coming to her rescue.  Her real-life knight in shining armor!

We photographed their engagement session this past spring and in August, they gathered with friends and family in an intimate, classically beautiful wedding in the enchanting wooded property of Rohana’s parent’s home in Crosslake, MN.

Among towering trees, warm breezes and the smell of summer in the air, they read hand-written vows to each other and brought tears to the eyes of many who looked on. They followed the ceremony with an outdoor reception, delicious food, and a relaxed evening of chit chat and celebration.

Sometimes, clients turn into friends, and that’s exactly how it’s been with Rohana and I. She is expecting their first baby, just as I am right now. She is about 10 weeks ahead of me, so it’s been fun to watch her go through things and then to follow a few months later. We already have plans for mom and baby playdates next summer.

Rohana + Brandon: I am so thankful you chose me to be your wedding photographer. It was a dream come true to meet you and work with you, and it’s been more of the same to become your friend in the time since. I can’t wait to meet your little love in the months ahead! xoxo, Laura



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