Meet Remy Radniecki – How to Make a Toy Poodle Cute

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Today, I want to officially introduce you to a very special little lady in my life. This time, with a video instead of photos.

Meet my furry baby, Remy Radniecki!

She is a toy poodle and a whopping 5 pounds now, full grown. Technically, I think that makes her a ‘tea cup  poodle’ but that’s not an actual canine classification, google tells me. More a gimmick to sell tiny purse dogs.

She is feisty, opinionated, hilarious and has a surprising snuggly side hidden in that rough and tumble exterior.

I think she’s introverted like her mama too, because she seems quiet and cautious on the outside around new people and uncertain environments, but once she warms up, it’s hyper city!

Here is a video with my favorite little girl:

It’s true – the type of hair cut a poodle has truly changes their entire look.

Not only are poodles fluffy, shaggy and deliciously cute when they have a Puppy Cut, but they also truly do not shed, at all, ever. I can grab a handful of Remy’s hair and tug, and I will MAYBE have one tiny piece in my hand. I lose probably 20 times as much hair as she does on any given day.

Poodles are also incredibly smart. Remy knows all the normal tricks, including roll over [so cute, I can’t stand it!], and knows when we tell her to go get a toy, go find her bone or “Who’s there?” She starts barking and goes to look at the door. She has also mastered being able to be let outside on her own to do her business, although she’s also got a stubborn streak. That sometimes results in me chasing after her around the yard because she doesn’t want to come inside yet.

Remy has converted me into a true, die hard poodle lover. In my humblest of opinions, they are incredible dogs and ones that are often given an unwarranted high maintenance, froo-froo reputation.

Remy and I wish you a very happy Tuesday!

Thanks for watching!


Laura + Remy

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