Radniecki California Vacation 2013

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At the end of October, Matt and I took a vacation to Sacramento, CA to visit Matt’s dad and family who live out there. The last time we visited was in January of 2011, so we were due for another visit.

Matt’s aunt got married during our vacation, so we were able to head to wine country with the family for the wedding too. 

The trip was the perfect blend of nice weather, quality family time, sight seeing, relaxing and a nice break from busy work life.

We visited The Pumpkin Patch, explored a quaint area known as Apple Hill, headed to wine country and explored Castello di Amorosa, picked raisins off of the vines at a vineyard, and spent lots of time talking. It was the perfect trip.
Matt’s dad and step-mom, us, his three siblings, and his brother’s best friend who is also like an adopted son/brother to the family. Fun times with the Davis clan! 

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