On Patience

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Found on Pinterest. [Find me!]
This quote which I found on Pinterest kind of smacked me in the face.
You see, sometimes, I am not very patient.
Ok, a lot of times, I am not very patient.
I am not all that patient with fussy, crying kids in church, long lines in stores, slow drivers when I am in a hurry, and commercials. Oh, commercials! [Thank Heavens for my DVR!]
I am also horribly impatient when it comes to planning my future. Figuring out where we will go, and what we will do. Making our 5-10-20 year plan. Because of our belief system, Matt and I place a lot of faith into God’s plan and praying for wisdom and guidance for that plan. Being patient and waiting for guidance makes me want to pull my hair out sometimes. [Just being real, yo.]
So reading this quote, I thought back to all of the times that I was about to lose patience with either a person, a situation, or any other thing that irked me. There are many, many times that fall into that list. And then, I thought of how patient God is with me; all the times I must do things that incredibly annoy Him. Ohhh, He has been so patient with me. If I would try to imitate how patient He is with me, I would never lose my patience or temper again!
While it’s an impossibly lofty goal to think that I might never lose my patience again, I like this quote. It’s good food for thought, to keep in mind when I find myself feeling that telltale rise of irritation in my body, and my blood starts to boil just a little bit. God is infinitely patient with me. If I can be 1/1,000,000th as patient as He is, what an improvement that would be!

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