Minnesota Guilt

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I have Minnesota Guilt.

Our winters [usually] are bitter and nasty and cold and LOOOONNNNGGGGG. Like 5 months long.

Because our winters are so disproportionately long and gross, as soon as the weather turns nice, I feel like I should go outside and stay outside for as long as possible.

Even right now and I sit and write this post, I can see the sun shining outside and hear my neighbor mowing his lawn. I can feel the breeze coming in my window and I have this nagging feeling of guilt. Why am I sitting inside at a computer when the weather is warm enough and nice enough to be outside?

I signed up for a membership to the YMCA in February and went to several weeks of Zumba classes. I had fun and I liked it. But as soon as the weather turned warm, that nagging little voice came that said Why would you go to the gym and work out inside when it’s beautiful and sunny and gorgeous outside? Play outside instead!

So I haven’t been to the YMCA since late March.

Am I the only Minnesotan that this happens to?

I think it’s mostly a good thing because it encourages [forces] us to get outside and enjoy the precious months of nice weather we have. But sometimes, I welcome the windy and rainy days of summer because then that guilt-inducing voice takes a break and I can get some things done inside without my usual battle.


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