Photography Tip- Get Close - Macro Photography

Macro Photography – Get CLOSE! | Photography Tip

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Today’s photography tip involves macro photography.

Photography Tip- Get Close - Macro Photography

Macro photography means getting up close and personal with your subject.


Whether it is a bug, a flower, a leaf, or even something like an eye, macro photography involves getting up close and really focusing on the detail in the object.


There are special macro lenses for DSLR cameras, and there are also macro settings built into Point & Shoot cameras. If you aren’t sure what the macro setting is, it is often indicated by a tulip-looking flower icon.

Check your camera. I bet you have a macro setting.


With macro photography, you want to get close and focus on the intricate details of your subject.

Sometimes, a tripod is a handy assistant in macro photography. When you are focusing really close, any camera shake from you will show up more pronounced.


Ordinary objects look different and often more intriguing up close.


You can get even closer to really see the minute details.


Try your hand at macro photography.

Get in close and use your macro setting. See what you can find in the close-up images of everyday objects.

Macro lens options for your DSLR cameras:

Nikon 40mm f/2.8 micro lens

Canon 50mm f/2.5 macro lens

A tripod to minimize camera shake

Photography Tip- Get Close - Macro Photography

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