Jones Family | Brainerd, MN | Family and Child Photography

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This adorable family of three and I met on a chilly fall day under overcast skies with a touch of fall color on the leaves. Their son gave me a run for my money in the ‘being interesting’ category; he got bored of me and my camera quickly, so I had to pull out all the stops to keep him interested. The result was amazing, and I LOVE the photos we created! To me, they scream ‘mischievous little boy!’ which is exactly what Brendan is like at this particular time in his life. That little smile and goofy laugh are infectious and just seep out of the images. Can you look at him and not smile? I didn’t think so.

Jones family – thank you for meeting with me and letting me photograph you all. Despite the tears, I’d say it was an incredibly successful session! xoxo, Laura


4 thoughts on “Jones Family | Brainerd, MN | Family and Child Photography

  1. Oh you guys, I am so happy you love them! It was so awesome working with you and capturing your joy as a family!!

  2. Thank you, Sherry! He is so cute, and has the most mischievous little glint in his eye! Haha, I had a blast photographing him!

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