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Joetta and Danny met at a basketball game in 9th grade.

8 years later, after the ups and downs that go along with dating someone from junior high as you grow up and enter adulthood, they became husband and wife.

Danny used to tell his friends over and over, “I’m going to marry this girl.”

He was right.

Joetta and Danny are a remarkable pair. Their height difference is nearly a foot and a half – a foot still on their wedding day, despite Joetta’s 5 inch heels. Danny is hilarious, clearly a class clown and “the funniest guy in the room” on his wedding day. And Joetta – she is truly as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. It takes 2 minutes of being with her to know that. Together, they blaze through life with laughter and smiles, going on adventures and making memories.

Their wedding day was an emotional and completely personalized day. The weather wasn’t ideal, 49 degrees and rainy, but God provided and we were blessed with a window of opportunity for outdoor photos. The girls were truly troopers in the cool wind and wet air.

Their bridal party wasn’t made up of simply bridesmaids and groomsmen. They had bridesmaids and bridesmen. They had groomsmen and a groomslady. Family is everything to them, and that was clear when their bridal party was at least 50% family.

Joetta’s brother Zak sang two songs during the ceremony and again during their first dance. I think it’s safe to say that there wasn’t a dry eye in the room, mine included.

There was grief and loss felt throughout the day too, with family members and dear friends missing; watching from heaven. Their absence wasn’t overlooked or forgotten.

It was an incredible wedding day; one I know I will remember for a long time.

Joetta and Danny – I am truly grateful to be your wedding photographer. Seeing you two become husband and wife, after such a long history – it was a blessing and a pleasure. I am inspired by your love, by your relationship. I wish you all the best in the days and years ahead as husband and wife. I know incredible things are in store for you. xoxo, Laura


2 thoughts on “Joetta + Danny – Married! | Cragun’s Legacy | Brainerd, MN | Wedding Photography

  1. What a wonderful celebration of Joetta & Danny’s love for each other. Laura, you captured it beatifully!

  2. Hi Jackie!

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment! You got it right – Joetta and Danny’s wedding day really was a celebration of their love. And a beautiful one at that!

    xo! Laura

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