How We’ll Remember 2013 | Artifact Uprising Photo Books

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Matt and I finally got smartphones in 2013. Late to the game, I know.

We started documenting the everyday moments of our lives with our phones, and often using Instagram to share those little moments with the world.

In January, I decided to try something new with all of the photos we collected during 2013. 

I heard of an intriguing company through Instagram called Artifact Uprising. Their motto is: Off Your Device. Into Your Life.

Exactly what I was looking to do with our photos! 

They are a really neat company. They are based in Colorado and use 100% recycled paper for the pages of their books. They are very progressive and eco-friendly, and are helping bring something tangible into a world where everything is digital.

The software to make the book was pretty simple to use. The only trouble I had was when I tried to rearrange the pages of the book into a different order than I had originally created them in. I think AU is working on making that process easier.

This is their Instagram Friendly Photo Book, and is 8.5×8.5 inches in size. The default is 40 pages, but I think I made ours 73 pages.
Remember, in the left photo below, when Remy fell asleep hanging over the edge of her favorite pillow? Hilarious!
Look at how TINY she was in the right photo below!!?! Just a teeny baby back then!
I am so happy with our book, and love flipping through it to look back on 2013. 

I plan to make this a new tradition, and make one every year.

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