Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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Are you celebrating the Luck of the Irish today? Are you wearing green in honor of St. Patrick’s Day?

I just checked and embarrassingly, the only green parts of me are my teal fingertips. And I suppose that doesn’t even really count since teal isn’t very green.

Better luck next year!

On the eve of yet another late-winter, midwestern snowstorm, I am wrestling with staying positive about the whole situation. How typical – when the weather begins to hint at Spring and the first bits of bare, dead grass emerge from the 3 foot drifts that piled up during the winter, we’re bound to have at least a handful more of major snows. That’s the way it goes up here in Minnesota.

My grandma told me last year that when you see the first robin come out in the spring, there are still 3 more snowstorms ahead.

I haven’t even seen a robin yet. 

Oh boy…

A few bits about life lately:

  • Matt and I handed out candy as part of the Baratto Brother’s float in the Crosslake St. Patrick’s Day parade this weekend. That was a new, fun experience for me! I’ve never handed out candy in a parade before, and I’ve also never seen people THAT excited to see me before. I felt incredibly popular for an hour!
  • After living in our house for almost a year and a half, we made some major organizational progress this weekend. Thanks to the incredible talents of my carpenter-father, all of our tubs, bins and other things have a ‘home’ now on the best and biggest shelf of all time.
  • Remy got a massive hair cut today; just in time for the big snow storm! She’ll need her fleece sweater for trips outside in all the new snow we’re supposed to get. [I naively continue to hope the weathermen are wrong…]
  • I’m knee-deep in the Chesapeake Bay series by Nora Roberts. I started on book three of four yesterday, and it’s all I can do not to stop everything and read for an entire day. I’m simultaneously sad though, because I know there is only one more book left after I finish #3. Does anyone else mourn the end of their books?

How’s life been lately for you? What are your tricks for hanging in there, despite these late-season snowstorms?

[Below is a photo from a trip to the cities last week, obviously before Remy got a haircut. In typical Remy-fashion, she moves too fast for my phone’s camera to take a photo. But, I love it anyway.]

Laura Radniecki, Remy and Matt

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