Photography Tip- Get in Close to Your Subject

Get In Close To Your Subject | Photography Tip

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Today’s tip is perhaps one of the most often-used photo tips for photographing kids.

Maybe it’s overused, but who cares? I love it, I use it, and it works.

Today’s tip is: Get In Close to Your Subject!

Photography Tip- Get in Close to Your Subject

This tip is about getting up close and personal with whatever you are taking a photo of. This works well with flowers, nature, and inanimate objects, and works especially well with people.

Getting in close gives you a change of perspective – it gives your photos a more intimate feel and it can highlight awesome features like eyes, eyelashes, fingers and toes.

Try it. It can feel uncomfortable and even awkward at first, but keep at it. You will love the results.

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2 thoughts on “Get In Close To Your Subject | Photography Tip

  1. These are great. I love getting up close, or lying on the floor, or whaterver it takes to get a good perspective. Most people stand too far away from the subject. I tell them to take a few steps forward. Why do they think they need so much wall in the photo, or so much of the body, when we search for the expression, especially in the eyes?

  2. Thanks Mary! I’m glad you are liking this series!

    Yes, I agree – get close and show off those eyes! Sometimes, when photos are taking outside, a wide angle shot can be amazing and dramatic. But indoors, the backgrounds are rarely pretty enough to warrant being showcased.

    Happy Shooting!

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