Crafting with a Toddler - The Outtakes

Crafting with a Toddler and a Dog – The Outtakes

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I love crafts. Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve loved making things, and I’ve been dreaming of crafting with my future kids for years.

When Raleigh was less than a year old, I decided to introduce him to art and began bringing out paper and crayons several times a week. He’s nearing a year and a half, and one of his favorite activities is dumping out boxes of crayons and colored pencils. Sometimes he colors with them on the big pad of white paper I bought, and other times, he just carried them around or uses them as drumsticks.

He’s curious and wild, just like a toddler boy should be, so I know I’m expecting a lot when I think about doing crafts with him right now. But I can’t help it; I’ve waited for this for years!

Recently, I went on a crafting spree. It had been 6 months since I really made anything (post-Christmas crafting burnout maybe), and I was itching to get back to it again. I also had some ideas for future blog posts, so I wanted to make the crafts for them.

Going into my projects, I knew Raleigh wouldn’t be much of a helpful participant. But I underestimated his interference level haha!

So now, let’s look at the outtakes: what crafting looks like with a toddler (and a dog!) Remy is a curious dog, so she’s always investigating what’s going on too. I was photographing the different steps of my crafts in preparation for blog posts, and they kept getting in my way.

This is What Crafting with a Toddler and a Dog Looks Like

“Oh, mom’s taking pictures? Cool. Wait… balls!”

Crafting with a Toddler - The Outtakes

Crafting with a Toddler - The Outtakes

“You weren’t using this paper, were you?”

Crafting with a Toddler - The Outtakes

“Mom, are we done yet? I have dirt to go play in.”

Crafting with a Toddler and a Dog - The Outtakes

“Oooh, what are these??”

Crafting with a Toddler - The Outtakes

“Can I play with these?”

Crafting with a Toddler and a Dog - The Outtakes

Remy’s turn! “What is this?”

Crafting with a Toddler and a Dog - The Outtakes

“Hmmm, is this food?”

Crafting with a Toddler and a Dog - The Outtakes

This is what crafting with a toddler and a dog looks like. One tired mama ready for a nap.

Crafting with a Toddler - The Outtakes

I’m exhausted…

Haha! But in all sincerity, I know this is just part of this motherhood season of life I’m in right now.

As all moms can relate to, I can’t even go to the bathroom in peace these days, so obviously I can’t craft in peace.

I’m just happy to be creating and making things. And I’m also happy to be exposing Raleigh to crafts, or “Arrrrrt” as we call it. I’m hoping that by watching me making fun things, he might be interested in it as he gets older too.

For now, he’s content to check out everything I’m making and photographing, and he’s got a really neat dirt pile to play in.

Crafting with a Toddler - The Outtakes

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2 thoughts on “Crafting with a Toddler and a Dog – The Outtakes

  1. Hello Laura,

    I accidentally came across your blog and loved everything that you are doing. Mindfulness, toddlers, photography, introverts … sounds like a lot of common passions. Ever since i’ve been on paternity leave, Ive been thinking of giving to the community around me in the form of teaching the skills that has turned around my life. This blog is very inspiring and gives me a glimpse of where I want to be. So thanks for sharing your life here. The coincidences don’t stop there, I am a Minnesotan and I’ve been trying to teach mindfulness to others and I liked the structure that Jon Kabat-zinn has given to learning Mindfulness. I happen to be reading Wherever you, there you are. Anyway, just thought of leaving a note and telling you what an awesome job you are doing. Peace to you!

    • Hi Raveesh!

      Thank you so much for the wonderful note! What a great surprise to read today! I appreciate your kind words so much and love that you connect with so much of what I’ve written about. We have lots in common! I want to encourage you to go for it and share what you have learned with others. If all you help is one other person, that is worth it. (But I have a hunch you’ll help many more than that.) Best of luck to you in your journey ahead!

      xo, Laura

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