Photography Tip- The Background

The Background | Photography Tip

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It’s time for another weekly photography tip!

This week, I want to talk about getting creative with backgrounds for your photos. This time, I am talking more about taking photos of babies or kids, but the same concept can also be applied to families in some ways.

Photography Tip- The Background

Take a look around your house for options for backdrops for your photos. Some obvious options are your carpet/hardwood floors, comforters on your bed, sheets, and my favorite – colorful quilts. All of these can give you a great, solid, and smooth background for your photos. You want the background to compliment and enhance your subject, not take away from it.

Here are some examples of backgrounds I’ve used in my photo work:

I particularly like a colorful quilt spread out on green grass as a place for babies, kids or families to sit. I think it evokes a relaxed and colorful setting and compliments the emotions that I capture very well.

Try it! Use different background options in your photos of your kids or your family.

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