Amanda + Mike + Penelope | Brainerd, MN | Family and Baby Photography

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Amanda and Mike are one of my wedding couples of 2013. They welcomed baby Penelope into the world three months ago, and I’ve been following photos of their family via Amanda’s Instagram feed. Ever since I saw photos of Penelope, I’ve been dying to photograph her!

Can you tell why?
She is the most darling little peanut I have ever seen. 

And Amanda and Mike said that she wasn’t even nearly as smiley or happy during the session as she usually is. So can you imagine how cute she is at home when she’s all smiles?!
I can’t stand it, she is so cute!
See what I mean? Cutest little face, ever! Plus, she’s one of the best dressed babies I’ve seen in ages!
Thanks for such an awesome session, guys! I can’t WAIT for September. I think Penelope will have warmed up to me by then [hopefully! :)] and we’ll be able to have all smiles then. xo!

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